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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about helping your photography business rank high in Google’s listings so that prospective clients can easily find you.


We are also photographers with our own businesses; and embracing SEO has transformed them. In contrast to the general, burgeoning cost of advertising and wedding fairs, SEO generates high quality, high volume traffic at zero marginal cost. Our photography businesses dominate Google searches in all wedding photography-related terms in Surrey: a region that generates as many as 50,000 searches per year.


We have become expert in SEO by a process of research and experimentation. Once photographers from other regions started to seek help from us, it made sense to formalise our business and The SEO Photographer was born. This is an SEO service for photographers by photographers.


SEO may not be rocket science, but it can be subtle and it is definitely time-consuming. Having both expertise in SEO and insider knowledge of the photography industry, we know how to send the right signals to Google to convince them your site is relevant, significant and popular. And the icing on the cake is that we offer a friendly and approachable service: we have a small number of clients whose Google success matters to us.


So if you are interested in profiting from high visibility on the web, take a look at our services. We offer ebooks, 1 to 1 consultancy and managed SEO services. We would love to hear from you. And of course – please enjoy the free resources on our site!


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SEO is no longer about the direct engineering of results; and it's certainly not about manipulating or gaming Google. It about your creating a footprint (or profile) in your photography sub-industry that persuades Google that your website is relevant, popular and high quality. Genuine footprints do not come from high volume, mechanised, generic and easy link building. Instead link building has to be naturally specific to photography and reflect your a genuine industry presence. In other words, your link profile needs to offer the impression that you are a highly-regarded photographer (an industry player).


This is not quite a paradigm-shift from old SEO techniques (directories, guest posts and article writing still have their place); but this framework needs to be borne in mind and combined with social media. Contact us if you are interested in wedding photography SEO (or for any photography industry).

For long-term SEO success, it is crucial to understand how Google works and its over-arching objectives. Your photography business needs to know how to send the right signals to Google to convince them your site is relevant, significant and popular. Sending the right signals means appearing naturally on the right mix of photography-specific websites. Google needs to see that you are a player with a footprint in your industry or market. This is why understanding the photography industry is important. Relying on mechanical links to generic websites and directories offered by thousands of SEO companies is no longer effective.


Our ebook is about SEO for photographers. Photographers who are serious about web marketing, who need practical, informed guidance in achieving high ranking in the natural listings.


The ebook is made up of Volumes I and II. A complimentary copy of Volume I is available to subscribers of our newsletter. Volume I covers keyword analysis and on-site optimisation.




Topics Include:


  • Identifying Your Keyword Phrases
  • The Importance of Long-Tail Search Terms
  • Optimising Your Content For Your Targeted Keywords
  • Technical website adjustments
  • Overall On-site Strategy

For photographers whose ranking has been significantly affected by a Google algorithmic penalty (Penguin update), we provide a link audit, link removal and disavow service. Please contact us and we will explain how the process works.